ImgSocial Widget & Ads

As mentioned ImgSocial has in-built widget system which allows user to add :-

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Facebook Like
  3. Twitter Follower
  4. MailChimp Newsletter
  5. Any other Ads network ads
  6. And various HTML Content

using it's textarea box. You can simply copy your "Javascript" or "Plugin" code  and insert it into HTML-Box.

Fore more information on Ads, Location , Page and Position - Small documentation is already provided in script.

There are 4 locations where you can add your HTML code or Ads :-

1. Home page (Top and Footer) – Multiple times

2. Post page ( 6 location - Full width top , Post top, Post footer, Full width footer, Sidebar top, Sidebar after share code, Widget at end of Sidebar ) multiple times

3. Upload page (Top and Footer) multiple times

4. Category page. (Top and Footer) Multiple times

From multiple times, it means, you can ad as many widget to top and sort them as per position 1,2,3,4 etc.,


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