ImgSocial Multi Language

ImgSocial is Multi-Language Script that means, you can change the language of script to your own preferred language for example :- if you want to have site in German language or Russian language or French Language or Spanish language.

First Way :-

All you have to do is open "openfolder/resources/views/lang/en/codercv.php" file and  change the text as per your preference language.

Second or Other way :-

You can also clone whole "en" folder with new name of your langugae in 2-character ( preferred way) . For an example, to Use "French language" , you may create new folder inside lang with name "fr" and copy paste the file as it is and change their text.

In order to apply those folder name change, you will also need to update "config/app.php" file and change "en" to "fr" in language part.

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