15+ Themes + CSS

Script has in-built 15+ Themes changing option from "Site Setting" and "User Setting".

Admin can allow users to change their theme or use theme of their own preference. "User theme option" can be disabled from admin setting page too, If admin wants all user to use same theme and change nothing.

Themes are listed as :-
  • Default
  • White Gray
  • White Sky
  • Black & White
  • Blue Black
  • Blue White
  • News Shine
  • White 3D
  • Material White
  • Old School
  • Green Yard
  • Simple Red
  • Carbon Grump
  • Applepie
  • Blue Hill
  • Ubuntu
  • Light Black

You can see screenshot of each theme here :- http://0me.in/story/40/theme-changing-for-0me-user 

As an admin, you can also add Extra CSS or Javascript using Admin Setting option of "Header" and "Footer"


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