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Product running live :-

It has some of the below features :-

  1. Complete Responsive [ Mobile - Tablet - Desktop - PC - TV ]
  2. Category based Image or Story Sharing
  3. Popularity based listing
  4. Most Like , Loved, Sad, Dislike based listing.
  5. 15+ bootstrap theme version
  6. Each user can change or choose their own theme based on their own taste.
  7. Enabled or Disable option for allowing user to change your own theme.
  8. Enable disable option for user to use HTML Editor for description of their content (Scripts take care of Security part too -  No worries).
  9. Enable disable option for user to use HTML Content (Scripts take care of Security part too -  No worries)..
  10. RSS Feed in-built
  11. Sitemap in-built.
  12. Full SEO Url enabled
  13. Completely based on OG Media tags
  14. Social Media Meta tags snippet.
  15. User Comment System
  16. User Comment Reply System
  17. Ajax based Faster Loading
  18. Cache enabled.
  19. Fastest Loading page options ( Challenging wordpress or any other CMS - available )
  20. Fully Secure Application.
  21. User Image - Content - Comment - Report Options
  22. Admin reporting analytic tool
  23. Amazing Voting System for posts ( Like - Dislike - Love - Sad
  24. Add multiple Widget Options for Admin on different pages.
    a). Add widgets to Home Page. ( Top and Footer )
    b). Add widgets to Upload Page. ( Top and Footer )
    c). Add widgets to Post Page ( Top  - Conten Top - Footer - Sidebar Top - Sidebar Middle - Sidebar - Bottom )
    d) Add widgets to Category page ( Top - Footer )

  25. Each widgets can be added multiple time on each location (top, footer, sidebar ) with positioning .[ Widget A (position 1 - top) , Widget B (position 2 - top )  and so on ]
  26. Use HTML Content for widgets.
  27. Add Google adsense with Widgets
  28. Add any other adsense or ad network using widgets.
  29. Add Facebook or any other plugin using Widgets
  30. Multiple Comment System Option
    a). Use In-Built Comment System
    b). Use Facebook Comment System ( Options in Admin panel )
    c). Use disqus Comment System ( Option in Admin panel )
    d). Reply to Comment System ( Ajax based for faster loading and slow load )
  31. Add Google analytics via Site setting
  32. Change Site Theme , name , Description from Admin panel.
  33. Make Site under Maintenance when required from Admin panel.
  34. Set Default Maintenance Text from Admin panel.
  35. Add Custom CSS or any other HTML Content via "Header" in section of every HTML page.
  36. Add Custom Javascript like Google Analytics or any other Javascript to every HTML page.
  37. Multiple Social oAuth System.
    a). Login via Facebook
    b), Login via Twitter.
    v). Login via Google+
  38. Option to Disable Completely Form-based Registration. Allow only Social oAuth based Registration.

and list goes on.


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